Answers to your biggest questions about plant-based nutrition:

  • What diseases can be prevented and reversed with diet?
  • What foods cause disease?
  • Is saturated fat bad?
  • Should you avoid all sugar, even fruit?
  • Can kids be raised on a plant-based diet?
  • How much protein do you actually need?
  • What can you eat to increase your energy?

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How to Prevent and Reverse Disease

Wondering how your diet might be affecting your health? Brenda Davis has the answer. In our interview with Brenda, we learn about what types of foods contribute directly to disease, what the deal is with avoiding sugar and saturated fat & cholesterol, and what types of diseases can be reversed through a change of diet! Brenda also talks about superfoods to boost your health & tackles common misconceptions about plant-based diets.

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About Brenda Davis

Brenda Davis is a registered dietitian, and an internationally acclaimed speaker. She is also a respected nutrition and health writer and has co-authored 10 books with over a million copies in print in 13 languages. Brenda is also a past chair of the Vegetarian Nutrition Dietetic Practice Group of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, and in 2007 was inducted into the Vegetarian Hall of Fame. She is a leading expert in nutritional research.


How to Raise a Family on a Plant-Based Diet

Pamela Fergusson discusses her top tips for feeding your plant-based family with wholesome food they’ll love! She also speaks about the dietary needs of kids in regards to adults to help you better understand the nutritional demand of your child, and gives advice on how to approach teaching your kids healthy eating habits-even when there’s junk food around. Curious about the dietary concerns of a plant-based diet, or worried your family members won’t be accepting of your new diet change? Pamela covers how to approach these topics & much more in her interview!

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About Pamela Fergusson

Pamela Fergusson is a registered Dietitian with a PhD in nutrition, and over 15 years of experience with changing lives through better nutrition. She has worked as a dietitian in almost every continent for organizations such as Unicef & The World Food Program. Pamela believes in the power of plant based eating, and is a mom of 4 kids!


How to Build Mental and Physical Strength on a Vegan Diet

Join us to hear Matt Ruscigno talk about the science of building muscle on a plant-based diet, common misconceptions of being a plant-based athlete, & differences between building muscle for men and women. Matt also discusses how to “eat for energy” and how to fuel your mental endurance just as well as you fuel your physical self.

Starts Monday, August 20, 2018

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About Matt Ruscigno

Matt Ruscigno is the accomplished coauthor of The No Meat Athlete & Appetite for Reduction and leading expert in nutrition. He has a Nutritional Science degree from Pennsylvania State University, a Public Health Nutrition masters degree from Loma Linda University, and certification as a Registered Dietitian. Matt is just as impressive in his athletic life as he is in his academic. He has raced in marathons, iron-man triathlons, 200+ mile cycling events, & a 24 hour race.

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