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Thrive on a Vegan Diet, Whip Up Delicious Meals
in 10 - 30 Minutes, and Stop Being Vulnerable to
Vitamin and Mineral Deficiencies!

If you’re ready to enjoy optimum health on a vegan diet, keep reading because you’re about to discover nutrition secrets and ‘magic’ food synergies most people will never know…

Dear Friend,

Are you someone who has embraced a vegan diet in order to have more energy, look and feel your absolute best, and prevent or reverse health challenges?

Or are you thinking about making the leap to protect yourself against harmful hormones and toxins, slow the aging process, and live the longest fullest life you can?

Bravo for making such an important commitment to your health!

As a vegan you’re less likely to suffer from chronic health conditions such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and countless other diseases that are silently killing millions of people every year.

Eating a vegan diet is a HUGE step on the road to achieving and maintaining optimal health.

But did you know that simply ditching animal products without adding in the right kinds of real, whole, plant-based foods can lead to serious health risks like vitamin and mineral deficiencies?

We bet you’ve heard at least one story of someone who suddenly went vegan only to develop health problems and jump ship just as quickly.

It’s no wonder why. Most of us grew up with only an outdated, misguided food pyramid as our guide to nutrition.

As more research has emerged about our broken food industry, doctors, scientists, and experts have recognized exactly how wrong these previous recommendations were, and the amazing benefits of adopting a plant-based diet.

However, the eye-opening documentaries, books, and articles that have come out of this movement have focused almost exclusively on the dangers of our current dietary conundrum.

What they often DON’T talk about in detail is how to actually design a diet that’s rich in the vitamins and minerals your body needs to thrive.

The truth is that if you’re only focused on what you’re cutting OUT and not what you’re adding IN, you may increase your risk for anemia, hypoglycemia, diabetes, thyroid problems, insomnia, dental problems, or osteoporosis.

And those aren’t the only challenges to a vegan diet!

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • The fresh vegetables you love spoil quickly, requiring frequent trips to the grocery store
  • You get hungry soon after eating, and bored eating the same old vegan dishes
  • You’re forced to pay a premium for non-dairy “cheese,” “mayonnaise,” “sour cream,” and gourmet foods like braised tofu and vegan pesto
  • Many common vegan recipes are time-consuming to prepare and call for strange, expensive, or obscure ingredients
  • Sticking to your usual vegan diet while traveling can be harder than getting your macho relatives to try tofu

Then there’s this …

  • Nutrients like iron and Vitamin A are harder to absorb from vegan foods
  • Phytates and oxalates in many plant foods bind to minerals like iron and calcium, making them hard to absorb
  • Packaged foods and restaurant meals often contain slaughterhouse byproducts


Become knowledgeable in identifying and preventing nutrition deficiencies so that you no longer need to worry.

Yes, dear friend, all of this can be frustrating, but don’t worry!

We’ve curated the latest research and easy-to-follow advice from the world’s leading experts on how to optimize the vegan diet.

They’re going to show you exactly how to get from where you are now to enjoying a thriving vegan lifestyle. One where meals are quick and easy to prepare, your body absorbs nutrients like a sponge, and you look and feel better than ever before!

A Bumpy Road from Junk Food Addict to Thriving on a Plant-Based Diet


A Personal Story from Erin Lucas, Engineer and Innovation Consultant

As I child and teenager, I was a bona fide junk food addict. I was overweight, had very low energy, dealt with painful stomach cramps, and I struggled with acid reflux and hypoglycemia.

Sadly, I thought living with painful and embarrassing symptoms was completely normal.

Then one day a light bulb went off. I read a book about where our food comes from and link between diet and disease. I was shocked to learn the truth about factory farming and how eating meat and dairy dramatically increased my risk for disease.

I decided to switch to a vegan diet right then and there. In just a few months the acid reflux I’d lived with for years vanished!

I experienced the incredible connection between food and healing firsthand, and I was blown away!

However, I had no idea what a balanced and healthy vegan diet looked like, and I made a lot of simple mistakes.

Yes I had cut out meat and dairy, but I really didn’t know much about nutrition, much less how to specifically optimize my diet as a vegan. I was eating tons of bread, crackers, and hummus, and was missing out on key vitamins and minerals.

As a result, I still had low energy and hypoglycemia, and I got sick from colds and the flu ALL the time.

Then my world turned upside down when my dad was diagnosed with cancer. I dove into the research, putting to use my Masters of Science in Biomedical Engineering, trying to find a natural cure for him. Sadly, it was too late, and he passed away at just 58 years old.

Then my mom was diagnosed with a rare form of blood cancer.

Reinvigorated to not only help my mom, but also prevent disease in myself, I quit my full-time job and committed fully to researching how to overcome disease through diet, and sharing that education with others. I was reminded once again of the overwhelming amount of encouraging research on this topic.

I started a 30-day challenge where I ate only fresh plant foods, and cut out all processed foods, even the so called “healthy” vegan packaged foods.

Another unexpected surprise happened – my hypoglycemia completely went away! I also had more energy than ever before, and now I rarely ever get sick.

Since joining The VegHealth Institute, I’ve learned even more about how to give my body the vitamins and minerals it needs for optimal health, and now I sleep better, have less anxiety, and better mental clarity.

I’ve also seen the common missteps in vegan diets that can lead to nutrient deficiencies, fatigue, and even disease.

There’s so much needless suffering in the world that we could overcome simply by giving people the knowledge and tools they need to protect their health.

Because honestly, it can be pretty confusing. There’s an overwhelming lack of information, and most importantly, clarity, on how to optimize a vegan diet.

That’s why I’m so passionate about the Vegan Mastery Program. Veg Health has brought together the world’s top experts to take out the guesswork, and give you the practical guidance you need.

I’m so excited for the journey you’re on and I hope you’ll take the next step for your health, I am glad I did!

Yours in health,

Erin Lucas

"Feeling even better than we did in our 20’s"

"I am a 53 year old homemaker and mother of six. My husband and I always considered ourselves healthier than the average American. We never ate fast food or junky snacks like potato chips. But I did cook with lots of meat and cheese. Until four years ago...

That's when my husband's blood pressure medicine was giving him headaches. And our blood test results were beginning to disturb us."
Ellen Pierson
Port Orange, Florida

"I was so surprised! No more joint pain!"

"As life went on, I started noticing I am a little bit low on energy, finding myself with aches and pains, bloating, headaches, all those sorts of things that we think are normal. I decided to look into diet because I’d heard some things about that. I excluded sugars and dairy and after a while, I was so surprised! NO MORE JOINT PAIN. No more pain and it has been now ever since.

If you’re thinking about buying the program, just jump in and do it because you’ll get so much out of it! I was very pleasantly surprised how much I got out of it. It’s a nice and easy pace. I found that there is so much information and so many recipes in this course. It is easy to learn what you are doing and also put it into practice."
Ingrid Gottschalk

"Blown away by the lessons… the recipes as well!"

“I’ve not only been blown away by the lessons, but by the recipes as well! My husband has cancer and your information has been invaluable in helping me tweak his diet to support his recovery...

There’s so much bad information on the Internet. I know your information is accurate and cutting edge, because I read a lot of high quality research. I bought a gift subscription for my personal trainer and she is as thrilled with the program as I am.”
Mary Montanye
Bellvue, CO

A Foolproof Program For Mastering The Vegan Diet

The Vegan Mastery Program liberates you from the pitfalls and guesswork! It’s a series of 50 lessons that take you by the hand, step-by-step, and transform you into a thriving vegan.

The Vegan Mastery Program will teach you how to thrive on a vegan diet, and say goodbye to all of the usual risks, worries, and headaches.

As a student, you’ll get an email each week with a special link for that week’s lesson. Each lesson has a written component and a recorded expert interview (which you can download).

You can read/listen online. Or you can print out the written lessons and download the expert interviews. Each of the 50 lessons includes an assignment, so you’ll take one step closer to mastery each week.

The following experts have written or contributed to the lessons, and/or participated as guest experts on our recorded interviews…

Meet Your Expert Guides

We’ve assembled an elite group of world-renowned researchers, physicians, dietitians, and experts to guide you on your journey.

Jill Nussinow, R.D.

Jill authored the award-winning cookbook, The Veggie Queen: Vegetables Get the Royal Treatment. She’s a Registered Dietitian who writes and edits for Natural Food Network magazine and Vegan Culinary Experience magazine, She’s also been a nutritionist and cooking teacher at the McDougall program for the past 7 years.

Nomi Shannon

Nomi’s best selling book, The Raw Gourmet, has sold over 150,000 copies. She’s received awards for Best Educator, Favorite Chef, Favorite Recipe Book, and been featured in Alive magazine and Get Fresh. Before that, she ran The Hippocrates Health Institute’s certification course.

Brenda Davis, RD

Brenda Davis, RD, has authored or co-authored 9 books on nutrition including Becoming Vegan, Becoming Vegetarian, and Becoming Raw. Her books have sold over 2/3 million copies and are printed in 8 languages. She’s a member of the Vegetarian Hall of Fame. She’s also a past chair of the Vegetarian Nutrition Dietetic Practice Group of the American Dietetic Association.

Jo Stepaniak, MSEd

Jo is the author and co-author of 16 books on compassionate living and vegetarian cuisine, including Vegan Vittles: Down-Home Cooking for Everyone. She was inducted into the Vegetarian Hall of Fame at the 2008 NAVS Vegetarian Summerfest. Her award-winning column Ask Jo! appears on her Website, “Grassroots Veganism”.

Virginia Messina, MPH, RD

Virginia Messina, MPH, RD, has been a nutrition instructor at Central Michigan University, a public health nutritionist in Michigan and Washington, DC, and a dietitian for the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. She has authored The Convenient Vegetarian, Help! My Child Stopped Eating Meat, and Vegan for Life: Everything You Need to Know to be Healthy and Fit on a Plant-based Diet. She’s also written a vegetarian textbook for health professionals.

Meredith McCarthy

Meredith’s most recent book, Sweet and Natural, won the Versailles World Cookbook Fair Award. Formerly the associate editor of Natural Health magazine, Meredith directed The East West Center For Macrobiotics for 19 years. She’s also worked with Dr. Dean Ornish and Dr. John McDougall.

Michael Klaper, MD

Dr. Klaper wrote all of our lessons on vitamins and minerals. Author of the book Vegan Nutrition, he’s Director of the Institute of Nutrition Education and Research, and a featured expert in two PBS productions, “Food for Thought,” and the award-winning, “Diet for a New America”. (Disclaimer)

Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo, MS, DC, CCN, DACBN

Dr. Loscalzo has been an integrative health care practitioner for over two decades. She’s a Doctor of Chiropractic with Certifications in Acupuncture, Clinical Nutrition and Herbal Medicine. She’s the author of Power Breakfast Ideas, Deliciously Quick Lunch and Dinner, Healthy Halloween Treats, Dessert: Making it Rich Without Oil and Dried and Gone to Heaven.

"The insights shared on bone health and Vitamins D and B12 have been revelatory"

“I’ve been a vegan/macrobiotic cookbook author, food coach and speaker for 37 years. Yet I continue refining my understanding of nutrition, thanks to the broad range of experts on the Q&A calls. My interest in sprouting and juicing has been renewed, and the insights shared on bone health and Vitamins D and B12 have been revelatory.”
Meredith McCarty
Mill Valley, CA

"A year after recovering from chronic fatigue, I won a 20.5 mile race"

"Eating mostly animal foods and processed foods, I began suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome in December 2011. I tried 3 different doctors and 3 naturopath's before I discovered your Mastery Program in August 2012.

It opened my eyes to food as a source of healing. It showed me how to thrive on a plant based diet and get all of the nutrients I needed for optimal health.

After eating the diet you recommend, using your synergistic food combinations and food prep techniques, and eliminating animal foods and refined foods, my cholesterol dropped from 228 to 146 in three months. My doctor could hardly believe it!

Over the next year, I lost 44 lbs with no calorie restriction (still eating like a pig). In January 2014, I took up running for the first time in my life. Then in November 2014, just a year after recovering from chronic fatigue syndrome, my training partner and I won a 20.5 mile race!"
Mark Lynch
Drouin, VIC, Australia

Here's Sneak Peek of the First 15 Lessons You'll receive


How to stock the perfect vegan kitchen

Learn to stock your kitchen and find out which staple foods – and kitchen utensils – you’ll want on hand for future lessons.


Protect your bones and muscles with balanced pH levels

When there’s a large acid load in your diet, your body neutralizes these acids by leaching calcium from your bones. So it’s crucial to minimize acid-forming foods and emphasize alkaline-forming foods. Includes a chart listing which foods are alkaline vs. acid, and suggestions for balancing your daily diet.


How to absorb more calcium from your meals

Sadly, calcium-rich foods like spinach, Swiss chard, and almonds contain oxalates that inhibit the absorption of calcium. Likewise, whole grains, nuts, seeds, and legumes contain phytic acid. It too interferes with calcium absorption. Discover how to release these acids, so you can absorb the calcium in your meals. Plus, find out which foods, condiments, and medications that inhibit calcium absorption. Includes yummy recipes.


Vegan versions of popular comfort foods

Learn to make vegan French toast, pancakes, brownies, chocolate pudding, cornbread, “ice cream”, and al fredo sauce so authentic and yummy, your dairy-loving spouse and kids will crowd around you for first dibs.


Boost your brain by supporting Omega 3 conversion

Many vegans have lower blood levels of EPA and DHA than meat-eaters. Why? Plant foods only contain ALA, the pre-cursor to the other Omega 3s. Your body can convert ALA to EPA, but only if circumstances are optimal. Discover which foods and oils interfere with your body’s ability to make DHA and EPA, and which help the conversion process. Includes a table you can print out for easy reference.


How to make “meaty” meals your family and friends will love

Give braised tofu, tempeh, wheat gluten, Portabello and oyster mushrooms a texture and taste so savory, your spouse and kids will rush to your side, gladly surrendering their hamburgers and chicken wings.


The “magic combinations” for iron absorption

Unlike the “heme” iron in flesh foods, only 10% – 20% of the non-heme iron in plant foods gets absorbed by your body. This lesson reveals a “magic” food combination that multiplies the amount you absorb. Also: which foods and beverages interfere with iron absorption, and which food prep methods release iron-blockers from whole grains, nuts, seeds, and legumes. Includes delicious recipes that employ the “magic combination”.


Secrets to optimal digestion with no more bloating and gas

Fats, starches, and proteins…. find out which of these three groups combines poorly with the other two and why. Also discover why people have indigestion when combining fruit with other foods. Learn which foods are compatible with each other, and receive sample meals to make it even easier. Includes a food combining chart.


Supercharge your energy levels with vitamin B12

Do fermented soy products, amesake rice, or umeboshi prunes provide significant B12? What about the soil on unwashed veggies? Many foods reported as good B-12 sources are tested with methods that measure B-12 analogues (which block the absorption of active B-12, thereby causing B12 deficiency). Those methods misrepresent true B-12 content. Get definitive answers in this lesson.


Amazing substitutes for eggs, butter, condensed milk, and mayonnaise

Baking without eggs can seem impossible — until you discover these 5 vegan substitutes that bind, leaven, and give structure to baked goods… and which are best for cakes vs. brownies vs. muffins. Plus, discover whole food substitutes for butter, condensed milk, and buttermilk that have NO fillers, preservatives, or hydrogenated oils. Includes recipes.


The truth about Vitamin D

“Just get more sun” – we’ll debunk the Vitamin D and sunshine myth and show you why Scientists now realize that the sun’s power to produce Vitamin D is not enough for most humans. Find out which foods are fortified with plant-based Vitamin D, why the US government’s RDA is outdated, and how much Vitamin D you really need.


Satisfying snacks to banish cravings

Discover five underlying reasons for cravings, and how to address the root causes. Plus, recipes for wholesome brownies, ice cream, fudge, chocolate pudding, fruit bars, granola, savory popcorn, ginger oatmeal cookies, rice crispy bars (from puffed brown rice), and kale chips (similar to potato chips but super nutritious). These snacks will gratify your taste buds, and end your cravings for junk food and empty carbs.


The secret to multiplying vitamin A conversion and absorption

Plant foods don’t contain active Vitamin A. They only contain beta-carotene, its pre-cursor (which is only 1/12 as potent as Vitamin A). Discover the “magic” food combination that multiplies the conversion of beta-carotene into active Vitamin A. Plus, the three groups of produce that are rich in beta carotene, and food prep secrets that make the beta carotene in vegetables easier to absorb. Includes recipes that employ this life-saving food combination.


Six ways to get plenty of protein

How much protein do you really need? What if you’re athletic? What are the dangers of eating too much protein? Do you need to eat complementary proteins in the same meal? Which plant foods contain large amounts of all nine essential amino acids? And how can you “transform” beans so they never cause gas, bloating, or indigestion? Includes recipes for high-protein, soy-free burgers, soups, and Faux salmon.


Tasty “cheeses” and “creams” made from pure plants

From a simple cashew cream that literally takes 1 minute to prepare, to a mouth watering herbed cheese spread, these recipes will satiate your taste buds — without the fillers, oils, and preservatives found in commercial soy cheeses and creams.

Plus 35 more lessons packed with practical tips and science-backed research

When you graduate from the Vegan Mastery Program...

  • You’ll be a pro at creating delicious vegan meals in 10-30 minutes, using everyday produce – no fancy schmancy or crazy-expensive ingredients required
  • You’ll have confidence that you’re getting the nutrients your body needs to thrive, and you’ll be liberated from packaged and processed foods made with animal byproducts, fillers, preservatives, white sugar, and high fructose corn syrup!
  • If you’re like most vegans who eat the whole foods diet we recommend, you’ll have more energy, clearer thinking, and glowing skin. You’ll radiate health and age slower.

"I’m no longer diabetic."

"All your experts have been tremendous. Each one has provided unique insight and extremely helpful information. Dr. Klaper embodies the best of both the medical and practical vegan nutrition worlds. He helps us understand the reasons specific nutrients are required and provides a 'whole person' approach with authority medically as well as experientially.

The Mastery Program has been well worth the price, and has provided a tremendous boost to my health, as attested by lab results; it’s helped me lose the descriptor ’diabetic’. Being vegan is now much easier than the daunting task I thought it would be; your lessons help make it an enjoyable experience."
Judith A. Becker
Saint Cloud, FL

"Today, I’m off all my meds! No pain either! I dropped from 270 lbs to 165 lbs."

“Before I learned about you, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I was on 18 different synthetic medications a day. In June 2013, I enrolled in your Mastery Program and began my health transformation. I learned lots more than I ever expected! Then I took off like nobody’s business… cleaning up my body to make myself healthy again.

Shortly after enrolling, I was hit by a car and had surgery. But I wasn't going to lay in bed wishing I would die. With the knowledge of your course, I ate the correct foods and healed faster than other people who had the same surgery.

Today, I’m off all my meds! No pain either! I've dropped from 270 lbs to 165 lbs. Keeping it off. Healed my gut and got rid of candida. Doing yoga and out in my garden every chance I get. I'm 54 and am much healthier and happier.

Your course really put me on the right track to healing my body. I can live again. I cannot thank you enough.”
Carla R. Lucart
Springfield, OR

Real Results that You Won’t Get from Reading Books or Articles

Sure, there’s lots of information online. However, here’s why you’ll get real results from the Vegan Mastery Program that you won’t achieve from reading books and articles.

  1. We take it one step at a time. Each week you’ll get a new lesson and a new assignment to complete, so that you’re one step closer to mastery without becoming overwhelmed. Certificate students get quizzes with each lesson to help with truly learning the information and not just skimming. We encourage you to report back weekly, but there are no strict deadlines so you can go at the pace that works for you.
  2. We’ve uncovered the pitfalls so you can avoid them. Having watched unhealthy vegans heal themselves after falling prey to common mistakes for the past two decades, we can warn you about risks that aren’t even on your radar yet. This can literally save you from years of suffering, troubleshooting, and failed attempts.
  3. We focus on peer-reviewed research and recommendations from top experts. Let’s face it, the internet is brimming with misinformation. Often times they are cross referencing other sites and blogs and even if they reference research studies, incorrect conclusions are made from the results. We work with top vegan MDs and Registered Dietitians to always ensure you are getting the most up to date credible information.
  4. You’ll get recipes designed to taste great AND fuel your body. Sure, you’ll find plenty of delicious recipes in vegan cookbooks. But we focus on recipes that optimize absorption of vital nutrients – like iron and Vitamin A — that are harder to absorb from plant foods. Our delicious recipes employ the “magic” food synergies we teach. So your body will naturally and simply absorb more vitamins and minerals from your meals.
  5. You’ll have access to a “living encyclopedia” of constantly updated research. The information in books becomes obsolete when new research comes out. For example, books written a few years ago claim that you can get enough Vitamin D from sunshine. But we know now that – in most parts of the world – that’s not true, even in the summer. Unlike books, our lessons are web-based so we can update them when new research comes out.
  6. You’ll hear directly from the experts for clarity and answers to the most common questions. Each lesson includes a 1-hour recording featuring one of our guest experts sharing the latest research and answering questions from students just like you. These interviews go even deeper into the concepts from the written lessons so that you have complete clarity on how to put this key information into practice. You can download the recordings or listen from any device connected to the internet. Certificate students also have a chance to get personalized answers from these experts in group Q&A calls.
  7. You will have support in our student Facebook group. Community is one of the most important aspects of making change. Going at it alone is hard, and it helps to have other people to share the journey with and hold each other accountable. Share your successes, challenges, what you have learned, and pictures of delicious new recipes you have made!

"Now I’m better able to care for myself… less dependent on doctors"

"Your Mastery Program opened my eyes to things I'd never heard before. Now I deeply understand the “why” behind every food choice. I can look at kale or flax seeds and know what its function is in my life. I know what nutrients my body needs… and where and how to get them from food.

Before I went on a plant-based diet I was 25 lbs underweight. Sometimes I gained weight but it never stayed on. Although I enjoy cooking, it was difficult with limited time and having to share a small kitchen with other people. I used to go without eating, or I grabbed something fast, but less complete as a meal.

You taught me new ways to prepare meals that save time and add flexibility. Now I spend a lot less time and stress preparing meals. I have a much stronger appetite; I’ve normalized my weight and kept it on! I feel more stable and stronger than ever before.

Without your lessons I'd probably be bouncing from diet book to diet book, trying different meal programs without ever knowing what I really needed at the nutritional level.

Now I’m better able to care for myself, more flexible in life situations, and more resourceful as a human being. I’m less dependent on doctors. And I'll never get swept up into fad diets!

Your delicious recipes have also helped me enjoy more quality time with my non-vegan / non-health nut family. (Sometimes they even ask for the recipes and do the cooking!) Just because someone eats vegan doesn’t guarantee that it's a *nutritious* diet. Your program helps us vegans and vegetarians stay healthy and avoid nutrient deficiencies.

P.S. Listening to your expert interviews made it easy for me to absorb the information. Since I write and read all day, the last thing I want to do when I’m off work is read even more. Instead, I get to learn while I relax! Great stuff!”"
Daniel Gray
Woodland Hills, CA

"Blown away by the lessons… the recipes as well!"

“As a cookbook author and 30-year teacher of macrobiotics, vegan and live foods preparation classes, I found the Vegan Mastery Program to be very comprehensive. The expert Q&A calls were particularly useful. And Dr. Klaper is exceptionally knowledgeable and easy to listen to. Considering how much I've gotten, you definitely undercharge.

I put the hard copy of the lessons into notebooks which I can easily refer to when a future need arises. Good scientific sources and research are cited which validated the material in the lessons and Q&A”
Lenore Y. Baum
M.A., author of Sublime Soups and Lenore’s Natural Cuisine, Weaverville NC

Begin Your Journey To True Vegan Health Right Now, With This Special Offer!

I have a special offer to share with you – below you’ll see the options to join our nutrition program – there are 2 levels, Mastery and Certification, all you have to do is look them over and choose the right program for you!

Vegan Mastery Program

  • 50 Vegan Nutrition lessons
  • Q&A recordings with experts on each topic
  • Online facebook community
  • VegHealth Mastery cookbook



Add To CartYou pay $247 one time, or cancel within 30 days with no-strings.

Vegan Certificate Program

  • Everything in the Vegan Mastery Program
  • PLUS
  • 3 Monthly LIVE group Q&A calls with dietitians and nutritionists
  • VIP access to 6 expert interviews
  • Personalized answers to any questions you post about the Lessons, for an entire year
  • Vegan Nutrition Certificate



Add To CartYou pay $547 one time, or cancel within 30 days with no-strings.

It’s an incredibly small price to pay for access to the life-changing expertise contained in this program. The hourly rate of a dietitian is around $200, and in this program you have access to top dietitians that no longer accept individual patients.

Besides, can you really afford the alternative?

Just one oversight or deficiency in your vegan diet – if ignored for too long – can lead to anemia, fatigue, blood sugar issues, dental problems, or osteoporosis.

Or even worse, what about the consequences of going back to your old ways? If you abandon your vegan or vegetarian diet because you didn’t have the tools to succeed, you’ll face an increased risk for a whole host of chronic and life-threatening diseases.

Protect yourself and your health, by getting the tools and clarity to thrive!

Listen To What Some More Of Our
Current Students Have To Say

What is The Vegan Nutrition Certificate?

The Vegan Nutrition Certificate will boost your authority and credibility when coaching, lecturing, teaching, or applying for a job in the health and nutrition world. You’ll gain more respect and have higher paying coaching clients.

The Certificate students will get personalized guidance in our live monthly Q&A sessions with dietitians and nutritionists, have ALL of your questions about the material answered, and gain VIP access to deep-dive interview with experts.

Get These Bonuses When You Enroll Today

Super Bonus #1:

12 Herbal Remedies (video lesson from Sacred Science)

In this video, you are introduced to 12 herbs that the experts themselves treasure for their health, their beauty, and their spiritual wellbeing. A bonus? Almost all are easily accessible anywhere in the world.
Mark Reinfeld_Vegan Comfort Food Recipes

Super Bonus #2:

Vegan Comfort Food Recipes (by Chef Mark Reinfeld)

Plant-based eating doesn’t mean you have to give up your favorite comfort foods! It is quite the opposite…. plant-based eating opens us up to creative a delicious alternatives to belly warming comfort goods. Chef Mark Reinfeld is a Vegetarian Hall of Famer, and world renowned chef.

Enjoy recipes he has prepared for our students like, Wasabi-Garlic Twice Baked Potatoes, The Good Shephard’s Pie, Tempeh Neatballs, Black Bean Brownies, and Vegan Cheezcake!

Super Bonus #3:

Student discount on Complement™ (by Alpine Organics)

Complement™ brings together, in one place, the three essential nutrients that are missing from a reasonably diverse, whole food plant-based diet — it’s everything you need to complement your diet, and nothing you don’t!

  • Vitamin B12: 1,000 mcg (methylcobalamin)
  • Vitamin D3: 2,000 IU of the only truly vegan D3 available (Vitashine) 
  • Omega-3s: 275 mg of DHA and 140mg of EPA sourced from lab-grown algae to ensure purity

Super Bonus #4:

How Vegans Get Calcium, Iron, Protein, and
Vitamins A, B12, and D (ebook)

In plant foods, these nutrients are harder to find, or harder to absorb. So it’s crucial to know which vegan foods are the best sources. And if you want to cut down on soy or tofu, this booklet will introduce you to several other great protein sources!

Super Bonus #5:

Supercharge Your Health With Whole Food

Many so-called “health foods” are actually highly processed. Unless you know what to look for, it’s easy to mistake second rate foods for optimal choices.

These health foods aren’t optimal for your health. In this paradigm-shifting booklet, you’ll find out why so-called “health foods” are aging you, and which foods are the real nutrient powerhouses.

Super Bonus #6:

Restaurant Survival Guide + Travel Tips (ebook)

Stop letting restaurants sneak animal fat, stock, and gelatin into your meals. Besides the usual culprits – chicken stock, lard, and oyster sauce – discover the 39 other restaurant foods often made with animal byproducts.

…and when you sign up today, get 6 additional bonuses!

Commitment Bonus #1:

Bright Line Eating 14-Day Food Freedom Challenge!

We double-dog dare you to take the 14-Day Bright Line Eating Challenge. Learn what it takes to get into a right-sized body and live there for the rest of your life. We are daring you to do this for just fourteen days. All you need is your commitment and steely determination. Are you really ready to lose weight?

Commitment Bonus #2: 

SQUARE ONE Recipe Guide (by Chris Beat Cancer)

These recipes from Chris Beat Cancer are designed to give you maximum anti-cancer nutrition at every meal.

Commitment Bonus #3: 

5 Day Fresh Start Recipe Guide (by Pamela Fergusson, RD, PhD)

Pamela Fergusson is a renowned Registered Dietitian with a PhD in Nutrition. She developed this meal plan to harness the power of whole foods to help us decrease inflammation, decrease disease risk, increase energy and help us get our glow. One of the best parts of this meal plan is breaking up with unhealthy food habits and falling in love with deeply nourishing food!

Commitment Bonus #4: 

Sprout Lady Rita’s Step-By-Step Guide to Sprouting  (ebook by Rita Galchus)

This informative guide will show you how to “sprout” in several different ways.You will learn how to sprout in a Mason Jar, in a sprouting bag, and in a tray sprouter. You will also learn how to sprout grass (wheat and barley) and shoots (sunflower, buckwheat, peas)!

Commitment Bonus #5: 

How To Overcome Emotional Eating (downloadable Q&A with Dr. Felicia Williams) 

Holding onto past hurts weighs most people down, poisoning them with stress, sadness, and resentment. Studies show that “unforgiveness” leads to stress, weight gain, and even illness. Buried resentment zaps your drive and willpower, and leads to emotional eating and binging.

That’s why we did this bonus interview with Dr. Felicia Williams. With the 3-step formula she explains, you can acknowledge these hurts without condoning what happened. You can let go of their hold on you… emotionally and physically. You can release the buried feelings that lead to emotional eating and binging.

Commitment Bonus #6: 

Healthy Vegan Spice Cheat Sheet

Use natural, everyday spices to boost health and flavor vegan meals! This is a quick-start guide that includes 16 common vegan foods and the tasty spices that go with each (including quantities to use!). You will be able to use this guide for a lifetime of delicious, healthy vegan cooking.

No-Risk, Money-Back Guarantee

You can rest easy with our full 30 day “no questions asked” guarantee… try the program for 30 full days and if you’re not delighted with what you find and see a clear path to optimal health, just contact us at customercare@veghealth.com – and we’ll give you a full refund!


If you don’t become a Vegan Mastery student, how will you overcome the struggles you face, and learn to thrive on a vegan diet?

What will change between now and next year if you continue on the same path?

Instead of continuing to guess when it comes to your health and nutrition, get the clarity and guidance you need. Discover exactly what to eat to fuel your body and your mind!

There’s no need to remain vulnerable to the nutrient deficiencies and health concerns that so many vegans face.

Why continue to battle brain fog fatigue when you can learn how to optimize your diet for clear thinking and boundless energy?

Protect yourself for years to come with all of the tools and guidance you need to thrive on a vegan diet.

It’s time for you to take control of your health and your life!


The VegHealth Team

P.S. You have nothing to lose. At best, you spend the rest of your life flourishing on a vegan diet. At worst, you cancel within 30 days, owe nothing, and keep the Super Bonus Reports and Mastery secrets you’ve already discovered.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely, you can go at the pace that works for you! We will email you a new lesson every week, but there are no strict deadlines, and you’ll have lifetime access to the material. Some people dedicate a few hours every week and finish in 4-8 weeks, and others take a slower pace.

We recommend pacing yourself over 12 weeks. And since we constantly update the lessons with new research, you’ll have a “living encyclopedia” at your fingertips.

Each lesson has a written portion and a recorded Q&A interview with an expert on that particular topic. There are also several recipes within each lesson and actionable steps to implement what you have learned. For example, the lesson on Calcium has a written portion on how to get enough calcium, a Q&A recording with Dr. Klaper on How to Absorb more Calcium From Your Meals, and recipes that incorporate these learnings.

Absolutely. Within your first 30 days, if you are at all unsatisfied, we will send you a full refund, no questions asked.

We rely on peer-reviewed research with all of our recommendations, rather than following trends or what is popular at the moment. Our course was curated by the top doctors, dietitians, and researchers in plant-based nutrition. If you select the certificate program, you will have all of your questions answered personally by these experts, which is worth more than the cost of the entire program!

Additionally, we put particular focus on how to eat an optimal vegan diet for health, and go far beyond “how to become vegan.” Our program is also significantly more affordable than most other options, so that it can be accessible for the majority of people.

Yes, all prepaid options offer you a discount over the monthly pay option. When you click the monthly payment option on the enrollment page, you will have a chance to choose to pay in full and save!

Yes! The Vegan Nutrition Mastery Program is completely self-paced and accessible from anywhere with internet access. You can keep up with your lessons while you’re away, or simply catch up when you return.

This is an online program, so you can access it from any computer! You will receive an email with your login information to our membership site, which is where you will access all of your lessons and materials, and listen to or download the recorded Q&A calls.

If you pay in full, you will be able to access all 50 lessons from the day you purchase. If you pay monthly, you will get access to a new portion of lessons each month.

The Vegan Nutrition Mastery Program contains all 50 nutrition lessons, plus recorded Q&A calls, access to the members-only Facebook community, and the VegHealth Master Cookbook.

The Vegan Nutrition Certification Program contains everything from the Mastery Program, plus 3 monthly LIVE Q&As with dietitians and nutritionists, live expert interviews to have your personal questions answered, and you’ll earn a Vegan or Vegetarian Nutrition Certificate

This option is ideal for coaches who want to establish their expertise and credibility, or anyone seeking a more personalized approach.

We gathered the world’s top experts in vegan nutrition to create this program, including Dr. Michael Klaper, Brenda Davis, R.D, Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo, and many others (see the full list here)! Our Q&A sessions for our certificate students include live group Q&As with registered dietitians and doctors that specialize in vegan nutrition.

Wondering if the Vegan Mastery Program is Right for You?

We designed the Vegan Mastery Program specially for you if….

You’re a committed vegan who’s ready to get the maximum health benefits from your diet for you and for your family.

Inside the Vegan Mastery Program you’ll find advanced strategies to fine-tune your diet for optimal nutrient intake and absorption. We’ve worked with thousands of vegans who fell prey to common pitfalls due to misleading information, and we’re here to provide real solutions based on legitimate research and strategies that work.

You’re a vegetarian who’s ready to upgrade your diet and your health.

You’ve made a gigantic first leap, and we’re here to help you get even better results! Get ready for real clarity on the best foods (in the right combinations) to feel better, look better, and think better. Plus, get all the guidance you need to adopt a fully vegan diet, if that’s the right choice for you.

You’re brand new to a plant-based diet and want guidance in making the transition.

We’ll walk you step-by-step through the process of becoming a thriving vegan, so that you can completely avoid the pitfalls that so many others have fallen prey to. Why go it alone when the experts are here to help?

You’re a health coach or aspiring coach and you want to guide others to optimal health.

If you enroll in our Certificate program, you’ll not only earn an official Vegan Mastery Certification, you’ll have confidence in the research behind plant-based diets, and gain credibility and authority that will impress your clients and allow to charge higher rates.

Vegan Mastery Program

  • 50 Vegan Nutrition lessons
  • Q&A recordings with experts on each topic
  • Online facebook community
  • VegHealth Mastery cookbook



Add To CartYou pay $247 one time, or cancel within 30 days with no-strings.

Vegan Certificate Program

  • Everything in the Vegan Mastery Program
  • PLUS
  • 3 Monthly LIVE group Q&A calls with dietitians and nutritionists
  • VIP access to 6 expert interviews
  • Personalized answers to any questions you post about the Lessons, for an entire year
  • Vegan Nutrition Certificate



Add To CartYou pay $547 one time, or cancel within 30 days with no-strings.

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